The number of zero energy and zero energy ready buildings is growing by leaps and bounds. What has been seen as a niche market, is surging strongly into the mainstream. This progress is being documented with annual inventories, tours, and case studies.

Residential Buildings

The inventory of single family and multifamily buildings is tracked by Team Zero and presented in a detailed, annual report. This inventory seeks to catalog every zero energy and zero energy ready residential unit. Submissions for new projects and updates of existing projects are encouraged.

Visit the Team Zero Inventory of Residential Buildings in the US and Canada.

The Northeast Sustainable Energy Association (NESEA) maintains informative case studies of zero energy homes. Each entry provides specific accounts of the construction details and specifications of the projects.

View the NESEA Building Energy Case Studies.

The US Department of Energy Zero Energy Ready Home Program lists exemplary energy efficient homes in the Tour of Zero.

Browse the ZERH Tour of Zero.

Commercial Buildings

Zero energy commercial buildings are tracked by the New Buildings Institute (NBI).  If you know of a zero energy building that isn’t in the database yet, submit it to the Getting to Zero Buildings Database.

Visit the New Buildings Institute Getting to Zero Buildings Database.