Remodeling or retrofitting existing homes so they are significantly more energy efficient is as important as building and buying new zero energy homes. Homeowners who aren’t ready to move or build a new home, can make simple, easy, DIY changes to get on the path to zero. Making a long-term remodeling plan is a great way to make energy-efficiency changes to your existing home without over-taxing your budget. If you’re ready for make major changes, we’ve got you covered with guidelines on choosing a remodeler and getting financing.

Builders in the zero energy housing market are showing that it is feasible to retrofit older homes to zero or close to zero. Retrofits provide the construction industry with business during economic downturns, improve the indoor health and comfort of their customers, increase the value of their homes, create jobs by employing a wide range of workers, and help reduce carbon emissions. We’ve got cost-effective steps for retrofitting homes to zero, information on financing options and case studies of successful zero energy retrofit projects to help get you inspired.