Remodeling or retrofitting existing homes so they are significantly more energy efficient makes a major contribution to saving on energy and to the air quality, health and comfort of your home – and is an important contribution to meeting our zero carbon goals. 

There are three levels on the path to zero: you can take simple, easy, DIY energy efficiency; make a long-term step by step remodeling plan for  upgrading the energy-efficiency of your home without over-taxing your budget; or hiring a zero energy experienced building professional for remodeling your home on the path to zero. 

We’ve got cost-effective steps for retrofitting homes to zero, information on financing options, and case studies of successful zero energy retrofit projects to help you get started. If you’re ready to make major changes, we’ve got you covered with guidelines on remodeling to zero, a directory of zero builders, designers, and energy consultants who are experienced in remodeling to zero, and tips on getting financing. And if you are a renter, we have tips for energy saving measures you can take.