For owners of existing homes, the first step on the path to zero is to have an energy audit of your home. Based on the results of that audit, you can decide which improvements will fit your situation and budget. You may want to consider asking an energy retrofitter or zero energy builder to add insulation, air seal your home, upgrade your home with more energy efficient windows and doors, upgrade appliances to Energy Star models, and install an energy efficient heating and cooling system. Learn more about energy retrofitting your home or find a zero energy builder.


Energy Auditors and Consultants

An energy auditor, also called an energy consultant or an energy rater, will inspect your home to estimate its current level of energy use. This involves measuring insulation thickness, identifying HVAC equipment efficiency, and testing the amount of air leakage in the building shell (ceilings, walls and floors). If your home has a forced air furnace or air conditioner, the rater may also test the ductwork for air leakage. If combustion appliances are present, the rater should also check the home for potential carbon monoxide emissions from natural gas appliances.