No matter what kind of home or apartment you live in – standard, near-zero or zero, – there are simple, low cost, steps you can take to significantly reduce your energy use on the path to zero net energy use. Then you can share the steps you have taken with friends, co-workers, and family and become a genuine advocate. If you live in a certified zero energy home and your energy use is average, you will probably have zero net energy expenditure. If your energy consumption is below average, it may become a positive energy home. Or if you typically use more energy than average, it may no longer be a zero energy home. If your energy expenditure is above average, a few small changes in habits and strategies  can ensure that your home remains a zero energy home in practice. Those same changes may even help move your home towards positive energy production, allowing you to save energy for other uses or “sell” energy back to the grid. If you live in a standard home or apartment, these changes will put you on the path to zero. These simple steps  do not require any large sacrifice, extra time or effort. In fact, living sustainably will enhance your life.