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Zero Homes are Healthy Homes

While it’s convenient to think that your home is a safe haven, many homes – including brand new ones – pose risks to health. This is especially true for young children and the elderly. Because zero energy homes are designed and built according to the the principles of modern building science, they offer protection from health risks inside and out.

Deadly Indoor Air Pollution: Are Zero Energy Buildings the Answer?

It’s a sad fact that our homes can have a serious negative impact on health. The most significant can be airborne pollutants from inside and outside. One path to health at home includes applying design and construction principles that also make homes super energy efficient. Learn more in our blog.

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The Path to a Healthy Home

Zero energy homes protect your family’s health through tight construction, advanced ventilation and strong filtration. Share this 90-second video with your colleagues, clients, and social media contacts.

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