The number of zero energy and zero energy ready homes and  buildings is growing fast, while zero carbon homes and buildings are still in their infancy. What has been seen as a niche market is steadily growing into the mainstream. This progress towards zero is being documented with annual inventories, tours, and case studies of zero homes and buildings. To check out the growth of zero homes or buildings or to view details and case studies of these advanced projects, check out the links below. 


TEAM ZERO Inventory of Zero Energy Homes in the US and Canada

Residential Buildings

The Team Zero Inventory of Zero Energy Homes 

Team Zero/NESEA Building Energy Case Studies

The DOE Zero Energy Ready Home Tour of Zero

Green Building Registry 

PHIUS Passive House Certified Projects Database

Commercial Buildings

NBI’s Getting to Zero Buildings Database

NBI’s Zero Buildings Case Studies

Canada Green Building Council Zero Carbon Showcase

Climb On Board

If you want to add your project to any of these case studies and databases, there is a form on each website that will allow you to do so