Electrify Everything

Want to reduce carbon emissions, improve the quality of the air you breathe, enjoy a healthier home, and have the convenience of improved appliances, hot water and HVAC systems? One of the simplest and most effective steps that homeowners can take is to electrify everything in their home in a systematic way.  


Methane Gas Versus Electricity

Natural gas is methane, which is one of the most potent greenhouse gases. To meet 2050 zero carbon goals, reducing methane use from natural gas must be an immediate priority. In fact, electric utilities are transitioning to clean, renewable sources for electricity, although some are farther along than others. In most areas, electricity today contributes less to climate change than natural gas, and the situation is getting better every year. If you add your own solar panels to an all-electric house, you can be assured that your home has zero net greenhouse gas emissions.


Electrifying New and Existing Homes

When building a new house, you can choose electric equipment for everything: space conditioning, water heating, cooking, and clothes drying. Because you’re already buying new products, you can easily choose those that use electricity. This also means that you won’t need a gas utility connection or gas lines in the house, which can be a big saving. 

For existing homes, it’s often best to wait until it’s time to replace current equipment, either when it’s near the end of its life or the new version offers a significant improvement in carbon emission reduction or quality of life.


Better Living with Electricity

Besides helping reduce greenhouse emissions, here are some examples of the quality of life advantages of going all-electric:

  • Heat pump HVAC: no gas fumes or carbon monoxide risk, provides both heating and cooling,  easy to retrofit, can now efficiently heat in very cold climates
  • Heat pump water heater: no gas pollution, modern easy control system
  • Heat pump clothes dryer: no gas pollution, easier on clothes
  • Induction stove top: no gas pollution, quicker cooking with better control; stove top does not get too hot; no fire or burn risk
  • Electric vehicles: no pollution, faster acceleration, very quiet, lower fuel cost
  • Electric yard equipment:  no pollution, less noise, no need to store                                                                                                                                            flammables in or near your home
  • Solar collectors: provide your own carbon-free energy and take a step toward independence

Learn how one family electrified everything. Anyone who owns a home or is seeking to buy a home can go all-electric, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve the quality of their lives.