KB Homes Los Angeles, CA

KB Home earned a U.S. DOE Zero Energy Ready Home certification on this highly efficient home they call the “Double Zero House” because it is a net zero energy home producing as much energy as it uses in a year and because the home uses zero fresh water for irrigation with an onsite greywater recycling system.

Professionally installed high-performance windows let in daylight but keep out heat, and advanced solid-state lighting technology is used in 100% of the fixtures.

High-efficiancy appliances including an ENERGY STAR refrigerator and a water-recycling dishwasher to conserve energy and water. Other water saving features include WaterSense-rated plumbing fixtures, a motion-sensing kitchen faucet, real-time metering of water usage, and recycling of shower water for irrigation.

A professionally installed fresh air system brings fresh filtered air into the home while continually exhausting stale air. Low- and no- VOC paints and finishes also contribute to the EPA indoor air PLUS certification.

Project TypeZero Energy Ready
Sq Footage 2537
Bedrooms 5
Energy Source Photovoltaic
RatingsHERS Rating
Climate Zone Zone 3
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