Because zero energy homes are built to higher standards than most ordinary homes, they require greater attention to detail and often cost somewhat more.  These two realities make zero energy homes especially well suited to the economies of scale, the speed of construction, and the precision industrial methods involved in modern prefab construction.

While stick builders tend to work in a limited geographic area, prefab builders can ship their product over longer distances. If you have basic construction skills, you might consider buying a shell package to erect on your site and then complete the construction yourself.

Acre Designs – California

Blu Homes – California

Build SMART – Kansas

CabinFever – Florida/California

Deltec Renew Collection – North Carolina

Dvele – California

EcoCottages/Nationwide Homes – Virginia/Florida

EkoBuilt – Ontario

Hive Modular – Minnesota

Living Homes – California

Method Homes – Washington

Unity Homes – New Hampshire

VERMOD Homes – Vermont

ZeMod Delaware – Delaware


Prefabricated Wall Panels

The most common component for prefabs are wall panels, but roof and floor panels are also available. One form of panelized construction uses structural insulated panels (SIPs), which are two skins of oriented strand board (OSB) glued to a core of rigid foam insulation. Another approach uses a steel frame completely embedded in rigid foam, which blocks any thermal bridging of the metal. The result is a panel that supports itself. Various thicknesses are available depending on the insulation value needed. Window and door openings are generally cut at the factory. SIPs provide defect-free insulation and good air tightness which fit well in a zero energy building envelope.

SIPslock Forever – Florida

Premier SIPs – Washington

The listed manufacturers state that they build zero energy  or zero energy ready prefabs or components. Their presence on this list is not a recommendation or verification of their claims, but it is a starting point for your own search for and evaluation of a zero energy prefab manufacturer suited to your needs.