Get on the Path to Zero Carbon
Now homes and buildings whose roofs lack sufficient solar access to get to zero can access solar power – and do it more efficiently.
Concerned about climate change? The time for climate action is now, and the place is in your own home and garage — in 11 easy steps.
Because emissions are cumulative and we have a limited amount of time to reduce them, carbon reductions now have more value than carbon reductions in the future. Learn three critical strategies and practical tips for achieving near-term carbon reductions in retrofits.
Using a furnace is so 1922! In 2022, humanity has to massively ramp up the adoption of clean ways to heat buildings – and the technology is readily available.
Every year, U.S. oil and gas companies set fire to, or flare, billions of cubic feet of natural gas and direct vent an additional unknown amount. These practices don’t just waste resources; they also pollute the atmosphere with hazardous, global-warming gases.
A home’s construction, appliances, and primary features can impact energy efficiency. Check out these fourteen critical criteria for an energy-efficient home, and find energy-related questions to ask your home inspector.
Wind and solar are growing fast in Texas. So quickly that it would take only one-third of the solar and wind energy projects that have already been proposed to almost entirely phase out coal in the state, but the grid infrastructure is a challenge.
The world will probably burn through its carbon budget before the global climate panel issues its next update on mitigation. So now is the time to take action.
Learn how electric airplanes are planning to take off in 5 minutes

Learn why this Bend, Oregon resident likes his solar roof in 2 minutes.
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EEBA Academy: The EEBA Academy provides a flexible and convenient way for the world’s best high performance builders and their partners to come together to learn about building science and advances in sustainably constructing better homes. 
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