The Latest News on Zero Energy and Zero Carbon Homes
What is the value of a green home? Learn three easy steps to ensure your energy efficient home is properly priced.
Can “On-Bill Financing” Help You Renovate to Zero? Find out how homeowners, including those with low incomes, and renters can save money while making their residence more energy efficient.
Heat pump water heaters are a game changer. Learn from this Green Technica article why they are 7 times more energy efficient than gas and 3.5 times more efficient than electric water heaters.
Since they are made of glass and sit on rooftops – you would think solar panels would be the first to get damaged in high wind and hail. Check out the real story!
How did a rural Arkansas school raise their teachers’ salaries by up to $15,000 each and pay for it with the savings from their solar panels?

Learn how these appliances also release nitrogen dioxide, an air pollutant that can exacerbate asthma and other conditions.
Learn what green improvements now qualify for a $500.00 tax credit, while you save on energy bills. 
Find out, in just 90 seconds, how to make home energy efficiency improvements that make your home more comfortable and healthy, and save money on your electric bill on day one, with no up-front costs, loans or debt.

Can you jump on a solar panel without breaking it? SolarWorld panels were tested for hail impact, baseball ball throws, jumping and even a Mini Cooper parking on them – how much damage was done? Find out in this 2 minute video – and be amazed!
How can a new mobility ecosystem make it easier to get around – with less accidents, less pollution and fewer carbon emissions? Find out in 7 minutes.
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EEBA Academy: The EEBA Academy provides a flexible and convenient way for the world’s best high performance builders and their partners to come together to learn about building science and advances in sustainably constructing better homes. 
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