Electrify Everything
Electrifying our homes, lives, and businesses is one of the most effective strategies to wean ourselves off fossil fuels, as we add more renewable energy to the electric grid. But do we have the capacity to produce, transport, and use the increase in renewable electricity that will result? Spoiler alert — the answer is yes if.
Are you someone who wants to make your home more energy efficient but gets stressed about the thought of the time and money involved? Sealed offers home energy renovation packages that take care of the logistics and financing, so you don’t have to.
We can have well-insulated air-tight homes, an abundance of fresh filtered air, and energy efficiency. Learn how in this deep dive into energy and heat recovery ventilators.
Plus it is about one-sixth the cost of those seven panels.
Using HempBlock provides a healthy, green, renewable, and sustainable way of building.
We need to go beyond net-zero energy buildings to net-zero carbon.
Learn the basics in 2 minutes.
Why are prices for solar panels still coming down? Its automation. See how machines make them — in 3 minutes.
Learn how they are building an integrated renewable energy grid in Europe in 9 fascinating minutes.
A deep dive into how NYC can go all-electric.
EEBA Academy: The EEBA Academy provides a flexible and convenient way for the world’s best high performance builders and their partners to come together to learn about building science and advances in sustainably constructing better homes. 
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