When a fallen tree crushed Frank and Brenda Baker’s summer home, they turned this tragedy into an opportunity to get their beloved home on the path to zero.
Suppliers specializing in highly energy efficient and sustainable products make it easier for homeowners and builders to get homes on the path to zero – no matter where you live.
Double stud walls are often used to insulate and seal zero energy homes more effectively. Now 475 Building Supply shares a lower cost, high performance, simplified, double-wall assembly.
Solving for Zero is a new educational video series, based on Bill Gates’ best-selling book, “How to Avoid a Climate Disaster.” It highlights climate change innovations including Aerobarrier – a new technology for solving the problem of the energy-wasting leaks in the buildings we work and live in.
We Have the Tools to Slow Warming – From the New York Times
“The technology is just about there…Renewable energy is growing and getting cheaper…We have a better shot than we did a few years ago… Ditching fossil fuels is costly but staying with them is costlier”
Six Big Findings from the IPCC Report – From the World Resource Institute
“Climate impacts are already more widespread and severe than expected. We are locked into even worse impacts from climate change in the near term. Risks will escalate quickly with higher temperatures, often causing irreversible impacts of climate change. Inequity, conflict, and development challenges heighten vulnerability to climate risks. Adaptation is crucial….but some impacts of climate change are already too severe to adapt to. The world needs urgent action now to address losses and damages (There is) a rapidly closing window of opportunity for climate action”
“What’s the point of setting (climate) goals which cannot be achieved? People call it aspirational. I call it delusional.”
This is the trailer for the video series, Solving for Zero, based on Bill Gates’s book, “How to Avoid Climate Disaster”
EnergySage CEO Vikram Aggarwal speaks with The Weather Channel team about the costs and benefits of solar, and how to get started.
EEBA Academy: The EEBA Academy provides a flexible and convenient way for the world’s best high performance builders and their partners to come together to learn about building science and advances in sustainably constructing better homes. 
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