In just a few years, new homes built in California will be required to generate as much energy as they use. To ease the path for architects to adopt the necessary design practices, the California Council of the American Institute of Architects has published a new guide, called the Zero Net Energy Primer

Along with design tips, checklists, and diagrams, this guide includes numerous photos of built projects in California that are operating at or near zero net energy. They range from multifamily affordable housing complexes and modest workforce cottages to high-end custom homes, demonstrating that zero net energy cuts across the economic spectrum. And, although short and to-the-point, the Zero Net Energy Primer contains extensive resource listings, broken down by topic, to provide more in-depth assistance to those who wish to delve further into the details of high-performance design and construction.

”While the Primer contains some information specific to code requirements in the State of California, its concise design guidance and resources make it applicable to all designers and builders looking to build better and hit zero,” says Brett Little, executive director of GreenHome Institute.

The well-illustrated, 24-page Net Zero Energy Primer was developed by pioneering net zero energy consultant, Ann Edminster, with funding from Pacific Gas & Electric Co, and is free to download.