Zillow brought a historic shift to real estate by offering home listing information directly to consumers through their website, opening up the industry. A full 99% of home buyers between the ages of 23 and 56 now use the internet to find their homes. This transparency has unlocked key pieces of information, empowering buyers to make informed decisions and sellers to market their homes effectively. Overall, customers have shifted trust from real estate agents to publicly accessible data. With the rise of green or eco-friendly homes across all states, companies like Realty Sage are shining that light on the features and real benefits of eco-friendly homes.

Realty Sage provides listings specifically focused on sustainability and new building technologies; plus a resource to connect buyers and sellers with agents who are knowledgeable and experienced with sustainable homes at Realty Sage Pros.

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Highlighting zero energy and zero energy ready homes for sale

Realty Sage offers three tiers of additional information beyond what standard home listings sites offer.

Sage Score

Homes receive a Sage Score based on identified features like appliances, windows, heating, cooling systems, etc. Third-party certifications, such as LEED for Homes, Earth Advantage, and Passive House Institute, also contribute to the Sage Score. This allows buyers to compare the benefits of different certifications and find the best fit for their preferences and lifestyle.

Livability Categories

Beyond knowing that a home has certain features or certifications, Livability Categories help buyers understand the actual benefits and impact of these features. For example, a “Healthy” Livability Category indicates features that improve air quality and reduce exposure to chemicals.

Valuable data

Realty Sage provides more detailed and educational information on listings, such as how energy-efficient heating and cooling systems reduce energy consumption, benefiting both the environment and homeowners. The listings also prominently display third-party certifications like Energy Star, Passive House, and the Department of Energy’s Zero Energy Ready Home. Zero energy homes go receive high Sage Scores and offer the opportunity for sellers and agents to market their superior features effectively.

Working with specialized green real estate agents

Working with an agent who understands not only the home’s features but also how they benefit buyers looking for their dream home can significantly impact the speed and market value of the home sale. If buyers are unaware of what makes a home stand out and how it caters to their needs, they may overlook its hidden potential. A green real estate agent can help identify homes with features that match unique preferences and needs, such as saving money on utility bills, lower maintenance, or eco-friendly living. RealtySagePros.com has a database of more than 120,000 green real estate agents nationwide. Filling out a simple form can match customers to specialized local agents at no cost, with no contracts.

The next time you venture into the housing market, visit Realty Sage and then let us know how it helped you. Or connect with a local, green real estate agent via RealtySagePros for advice and guidance. And if you’re a realtor with a sustainable, high-benefit home ready to sell, be sure to post your listing for free.

The author:

Kari Klaus is the Founder and CEO of Realty Sage, a dynamic real estate platform solving one of the largest obstacles to consumer adoption of high performance and sustainably built homes: education and return on investment. Realty Sage applies intelligence to big data, simplifying eco-home features with the Sage Score and benefits with the Realty Sage Livability Categories. An award-winning tech startup, Realty Sage has been featured in The Washington Post, Chicago Tribune, Silicon Valley Startups Radio, Elemental.green, and more.


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