The Latest News on Zero Energy and Zero Carbon Homes
They’re all the rage in the world of high-performance HVAC. But what exactly is a mini-split heat pump? And what is the most energy efficient, simple, configuration for mini-split heat pumps?
Is there a fast and easy way to renovate America’s existing housing stock on the path to zero? GeoSolar Technologies believes there is and is investing heavily in this three trillion dollar market!
How homeowners can reduce energy costs, increase low income housing and make a profit – it’s a win for everyone as more cities and states are allowing Accessory Dwelling Units or ADUs on existing properties.
Learn the health benefits of all-electric living from this free RMI Guide.
The greenhouse gas emissions from “venting” and “flaring” excess natural gas wastes a valuable resource and releases carbon.
Renewable energy benefits us all regardless of political philosophy – it just makes sense (cents) to go green.
Ampaire, a small Los Angeles-based startup, is trying to disrupt the aviation industry by building quieter, cheaper and cleaner planes through electrification.
Tired of wasting money? Air sealing is the easiest and most affordable way to make your home comfortable and energy efficient. Learn how in 2 minutes.

It might be the world’s top polluter, but China is also way ahead in renewable power. Learn more in less than 9 minutes.
Taking the first steps on the flight path to zero – this 4 minute video is uplifting.
Watch more on the Zero Energy Project YouTube Channel

EEBA Academy: The EEBA Academy provides a flexible and convenient way for the world’s best high performance builders and their partners to come together to learn about building science and advances in sustainably constructing better homes. 
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