Positive news from Team Zero, formerly the Net Zero Energy Coalition: more than 22,000 residential housing units were built in 2018, according to their annual North American zero energy inventory. That number represents a 59% increase over the number of zero energy homes built in 2017. More than half of these homes were units in multifamily buildings, continuing the trend first identified in the Net Zero Energy Coalition’s initial inventory conducted in 2014. The number of multifamily units reaching the zero energy performance level continues to grow faster than the single family sector.

Energy performance is also increasing over previous years. More homes are reaching full zero energy status rather than stopping at the zero energy ready level. Zero energy ready homes are homes that have reduced energy consumption through high levels of insulation, low air leakage and high-efficiency heating and cooling equipment to the point that all the energy consumed can be generated with on-site solar panels. The rapid decline in the cost of solar electric systems is likely a key factor in this trend.

The news out of Canada is even better. The number of zero energy homes there grew by 240% in 2018 over 2017.

Read the full detailed report on the 2018 inventory and add your 2019 zero energy home to the inventory at Team Zero.