Needed: Strong Consumer Demand for Zero 

Even though market research shows that homebuyers have strong interest in energy-efficient homes, all players in the value chain — from builders and designers to manufacturers and suppliers — cite a lack of strong consumer demand for zero energy homes. How can we work together to build strong consumer interest in zero homes and increase sales on a national scale? By joining TEAM ZERO to create a generic, research-based, nationwide marketing campaign that embraces the entire industry of energy-efficiency products and services that go into creating zero energy homes.

What Is a Generic Marketing Campaign? 

A generic marketing campaign promotes a product category rather than a specific brand or manufacturer’s product. It benefits a whole group of similar products, services, and businesses. The goal is to build broad consumer demand for the overall product category. 

Generic campaigns have been run by well known organizations such as the American Dairy Association. Almost everyone remembers Got Milk? one of the most visible generic  marketing campaigns ever. A current example is the Building Decarbonization Coaltion’s The Switch is On campaign that inspires consumers in California to switch to all-electric homes. 

Why Are Generic Marketing Campaigns Successful?

Industry funded generic campaigns are relatively low cost for participating businesses and organizations and they have very high impact, especially when they complement individual brand or company marketing efforts. 

A generic campaign for zero homes can address a nationwide consumer audience that individual businesses cannot afford to reach. It can raise homebuyer awareness of, and desire for, the benefits of zero homes so that demand for zero exceeds supply and stimulates increased production. As demand grows, so will sales. Targeting consumers nationwide, can be costly. However, by joining together to fund a generic campaign, the zero energy home industry can realize significant benefits for far less money than if individual businesses promoted zero separately. Expert use of social media campaigns, viral videos, news releases, and email newsletters, in a well planned, nationwide generic marketing program, will lower the costs and increase the impact of TEAM ZERO’s campaign.


Other national campaigns have shown how impressive the return on investment in generic campaigns can be. The Catfish Institute, for example, grew the sales of farmed catfish from $10 million to $600 million in a few years as a result of its generic marketing efforts. The Chilean government’s generic marketing campaign for its agricultural exports offers a similar example. In about three years, Chilean exports to the U.S. increased by more than 40%. Both campaigns began on modest budgets of much less than $1 million — demonstrating that generic campaigns do not need to be big to be effective. 

Everyone Benefits from an Expanding Market

A generic campaign for zero homes will increase sales through the entire zero value chain by increasing desire for the many benefits of zero energy homes. The campaign will support the sales and marketing efforts of industry members whatever their size and focus not only of zero homes, but of all the associated technologies, equipment, and services. 

This national marketing campaign for zero will ensure that U.S. consumers know what zero homes are and how they will benefit from ownership. It will also address key consumer obstacles, such as the misconception that zero homes are not affordable. Greater awareness and interest in zero will spur demand and increase sales for all. Potential homebuyers will be directed to sales listings for zero energy homes and to directories of zero energy builders and designers in their zip codes. Manufacturers will have their products and name in front of tens of thousands of builders and designers. With an expanding market, those in the zero homes industry will not be fighting each other for market share. Instead each company’s sales will grow as demand swells. 

TEAM ZERO’s National Consumer Campaign for Zero

TEAM ZERO has already laid the foundation and infrastructure for a national campaign including: an annual inventory of zero homes to demonstrate the growth of zero year over year, a website hub linking to the best information on all things zero, and phase one of an integrated national marketing plan for zero to build consumer demand nationwide. TEAM ZERO has experienced marketing professionals whose first stage marketing effort includes a weekly newsletter, a social media campaign, zero energy promotional materials, and a logo for all members and allies to display and use in their own zero marketing. 

Soon, TEAM ZERO will mount a national media relations program to deliver the zero message to consumers through magazines, videos, newspapers, celebrities, and home building and home improvement media channels. TEAM ZERO’s public relations professionals understand U.S. media and will get zero energy homes the exposure we all need. As support for its generic marketing efforts grows, TEAM ZERO will conduct further market research and develop innovative and highly cost-effective national marketing campaigns.

Get On Board!

TEAM ZERO’s goal is to get wide participation from manufacturers, suppliers, builders, designers, and developers, as well as from environmentally oriented citizens and nonprofits to make the campaign a win for all. Everyone should  support the effort and contribute to a national marketing campaign by signing up here to become a member of TEAM ZERO. Manufacturers and foundations can become sponsors here . If all zero energy oriented businesses and organizations, including yours, join with TEAM ZERO and contribute their share, an effective national marketing campaign for zero will create the momentum needed to get the entire residential construction sector to zero. 

Grow your business by getting on board with this generic national marketing campaign today by becoming a TEAM ZERO contributing member or sponsor today!