Do you want to build a new home or renovate your existing home to zero energy? The first step is to find a construction professional with zero energy experience. Now you can find an experienced designer, general contractor, energy consultant, or manufacturer with an easy, online search. Working with an experienced zero home professional  in new construction or renovation will help guarantee the success of your project.

The directory can be found on the websites of the three organizations that have partnered to develop the resource: Zero Energy Project, Team Zero and EEBA. The goal of the Zero Energy Home Professional Directory is to include all building professionals and prefab manufacturers who have designed, built, or manufactured a zero energy home or zero energy renovation — making it easy to find local professionals.

According to Aaron Smith, CEO of EEBA and board member of Team Zero, “This directory will help connect consumers who want to be on the path to zero, with home building professionals who can help get them there. The directory will help translate people’s interest in zero housing into reality.”

In addition to experienced zero builders, designers, and home energy consultants, the directory lists manufacturers of modular homes and insulated panels used for zero energy home construction. 

Search for zero energy building professionals by zip code, city, or state. We suggest you call more than one professional and conduct due diligence before selecting one appropriate for your needs.

If you are a building professional or manufacturer who has completed a zero energy home, please enter your company in the directory, so  homeowners and prospective customers can locate you. Also, be sure to list your home in the Team Zero Inventory of Zero Energy Homes. If you are already included, please check your listing for accuracy.