Heat pumps are changing the way the world heats water. Every major manufacturer of water heaters has a “hybrid” product that marries an advanced heat pump with a conventional electric resistance element for back up. The Sanco2 is unique in several ways. It uses carbon-dioxide gas as the refrigerant instead of the typical chemicals that have a very high global warming potential. Instead of mounting the heat pump on top of the tank to make a single piece of equipment, it uses a split system approach that uses an outdoor unit. This means that the HPWH doesn’t reduce indoor temperatures or require a large amount of indoor space. Sanco2 is more energy efficient with a Uniform Energy Factor as high as 5 compared with other products with UEFs ranging from 2.5 to 4. It operates at very low outdoor temperatures and doesn’t require back up electric elements. In addition to heating water, the standard Sanco2 may have enough additional heating capacity to provide space heating through a hydronic heating system for some highly efficient homes in mild climates.. The product is made in Japan and available from several American distributors. 


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Small Planet Supply

Four Seven Five

Eco2 Water Heater