AeroBarrier is an interior applied air sealing system that seals all building envelope leaks up to 1/2″. The waterborne acrylic sealant is applied by pressuring a targeted building area, then spraying the aerosolized sealant into the pressurized space. The sealant is self-guided to the edges of visible and invisible leaks creating a seal, not by packing the gap but by accumulating across the surface of openings. Designed to deposit in leaks and not on vertical surfaces, the sealant is applied within one to four hours depending on the desired level of tightness. The sealant dries before system cleanup is complete, allowing construction to resume shortly after the process is complete with little to no impact on standard construction schedules. The system measures the envelope leakage in real-time, enabling the system to dial-in specific requirements for air leakage and guarantee the results.


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